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Amid Rising Costs, Korean Consumers Embrace Value-Focused SPA Brands

SPA brands are gaining popularity in South Korea. (Image courtesy of E-land)

SPA brands are gaining popularity in South Korea. (Image courtesy of E-land)

SEOUL, Dec. 27 (Korea Bizwire) – With high prices prompting consumers to cut back on clothing purchases, SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) brands, known for their cost-effectiveness and integrated manufacturing and distribution, are gaining popularity in South Korea. 

According to retail giant E-Land, SPA brand SPAO is projected to reach sales of 480 billion won this year, a 20% increase from last year. Notably, SPAO’s popular items like the Light Jacket have seen a 357% increase in sales from January to November, compared to last year. Sales of fleeces and puffer jackets have also risen by 52% and 30%, respectively.

Capitalizing on affordable pricing,’SPAO has reduced the price of its thermal underwear, Warmtech, from 15,900 to 12,900 won. The brand has maintained stable prices for key basic items like puffers (69,900 won) and fleeces (29,900 won).

SPAO plans to increase its domestic store count from 108 to 145 next year, expanding customer touchpoints. Additionally, to broaden its consumer base beyond the younger generation, SPAO is revamping stores and expanding its SPAO Kids Daily and Basic Junior lines.

Samsung C&T’s SPA brand 8 Seconds also reported a more than 10% increase in cumulative sales from January to November compared to the same period last year. 8 Seconds notably saw a strong performance in its premium line this year. 

8 Seconds launched its premium casual line UNI8 targeting Generation Z earlier this year. The brand also introduced Edition 8, a premium essentials line distinguished by high-quality materials and craftsmanship. 

A Samsung C&T representative noted, “Our premium lines, introduced this year, recorded a sales growth of over 95% in the first half and nearly 50% in the Fall/Winter season. This indicates that consumers, increasingly focused on value for money, are attracted by the distinction offered by premium lines.” 

Another SPA brand, Shinsegae International’s Top Ten, is also expected to hit record sales this year. Top Ten reported that underwear sales from January to November increased by 259% compared to last year, totaling 1.3 million units. Additionally, its thermal wear On Air and newly launched Better Denim lines sold 900,000 and 720,000 units, respectively. 

With strong sales in kids’ lines, including lounge wear, windbreakers, and lightweight outerwear, a Top Ten representative stated, “Next year, we aim to achieve 1 trillion won in sales through aggressive branding, upgrading materials and designs to increase customer satisfaction.”

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