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Ancient Gaya Kingdom’s Royal Palace Emerges as Popular Wedding Venue

가야 전통 혼례

GIMHAE, May 21 (Korea Bizwire) – In the city of Gimhae, South Korea, the Gaya Theme Park’s royal palace grounds are gaining popularity as an unconventional and picturesque outdoor space for weddings and special events, captivating couples with its historical charm and architectural grandeur. 

According to the Gimhae Cultural Foundation, the Gaya Royal Palace Wedding held on April 27 at the theme park has sparked a surge of inquiries from couples seeking to exchange vows or have their wedding photographs taken amid the awe-inspiring backdrop of the ancient kingdom’s reconstructed palace.

가야 전통 혼례

During the inaugural ceremony, two multicultural couples from the region were publicly selected to partake in the reenactment of a royal wedding from 2,000 years ago. Performers brought the traditional festivities to life through dances and theatrical presentations, as the couples assumed the roles of King Suro and Queen Heo, pledging their eternal love before an audience of over 2,000 spectators. 

More recently, on May 11, a Korean bride and her British groom held their traditional Korean wedding ceremony in front of the Taegeukjeon Hall, capturing stunning photographs amidst the regal surroundings. Guests were treated to a meticulously prepared outdoor banquet and traditional performances, celebrating the union in grand style.

가야 전통 혼례

The Gaya Royal Palace offers a captivating blend of historical architecture, lush greenery, and expansive lawns, creating an idyllic setting for outdoor weddings. The Cheongsa Lantern Path and the palace’s tranquil ponds provide ideal backdrops for pre-wedding photoshoots and serene resting spots for guests. 

After sunset, a light festival transforms the palace grounds into a dazzling nighttime spectacle. Due to the festival’s overwhelming popularity, the theme park has extended its nighttime operations to accommodate the influx of visitors.

가야 전통 혼례

“We will continue to nurture the Gaya Theme Park, a recreation of the ancient Geumgwan Gaya Kingdom’s royal palace, as a beloved destination for couples seeking to celebrate their love through traditional weddings, wedding photography, and special events,” said a representative from the Gimhae Cultural Foundation.

Detailed information about hosting a Gaya Royal Palace Wedding can be found on the foundation’s website ( 

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