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AOA Comes Back with Three Types of “Some Dances”

SEOUL, June 23 (Korea Bizwire)AOA, a seven member K-pop girl group, released its new song and music video “Short Hair” on June 19.

The members transformed themselves as cheerleaders and showed their cute and sexy appearance. Especially in the music video, they showed of three kinds of dances called “some dances.” Those are “cat dance,” “short-hair dance” and “game dance.” With these dance moves, they make well-woven performance in the music video.

Meanwhile, AOA planted itself firmly in China. Its comeback news appeared on the main page of Tencent, the largest Internet portal in China. The Chinese media also featured their own different stage costumes of each member and showed the interest in their easy-to-follow “some dances.”

Also, its “Short Skirt” released last January enjoyed the No. 1 title at Chinese music chart KUWO at the time and celebrated the new birth of girl group inheriting Korean-wave idol groups. Let’s appreciate AOA’s comeback performance with different stage in the new music video of “Short Cut.”

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