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At-Home Self-Treatment Scheme Begins for COVID-19 Patients With Mild Symptoms

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SEOUL, Feb. 11 (Korea Bizwire)South Korea on Thursday launched a new at-home self-treatment program for people with mild COVID-19 symptoms.

During the seven-day self-quarantine period, patients with mild symptoms who fall under the ‘general management group’ will be able to receive treatment from doctors over the phone for free.

Although the government recommended one consultation per day in case of need, it will not levy any charges to those who make more than two consultations a day.

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As the COVID-19 home treatment management system with a focus on high-risk patients began on Thursday, public health authorities offered a guide on how to deal with major symptoms.

COVID-19 patients who are under home treatment will be managed differently by being divided into the ‘intensive management group’ and ‘general management group.’

Unlike those classified into the intensive management group (patients who are 60 years or older, patients in their 50s with high-risk preexisting conditions, and immunocompromised patients), patients classified into the general management group need to check their health condition at home for themselves and use non-face-to-face treatment by calling hospitals and clinics in their neighborhood when symptoms like fever occur.

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