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BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics Receives Positive Feedback from Utilities across the U.S.

Cellular-Based Metering Solution Wins Milwaukee BizTimes I.Q. Award for Innovation (image: Zerok/ Flickr)

Cellular-Based Metering Solution Wins Milwaukee BizTimes I.Q. Award for Innovation (image: Zerok/ Flickr)

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MILWAUKEE, June 6, 2014 (Korea Bizwire)–Badger  Meter, Inc. (BMI) a leading global innovator and manufacturer  of flow measurement and control solutions, today reported positive  marketplace acceptance for its innovative new BEACON Advanced Metering  Analytics (AMA) solution. With the January 2014 launch of BEACON AMA,  Badger Meter became the first major water meter company to release a  cost-effective cellular-based metering solution for system-wide  deployment.

Since the introduction of BEACON AMA into the marketplace just over four  months ago, the company reported nearly 50 BEACON AMA Starter Kits have  been sold, and over 130 BEACON AMA systems have been quoted. This update  comes in advance of the American  Water Works Association (AWWA) Annual  Conference and Exposition (ACE14), which takes place in Boston,  Mass., June 8-12. Badger Meter is a platinum sponsor and exhibitor at  ACE 14, the world’s premier event for water professionals.

“As utilities across the country adapt to changing technology, this  simple and innovative approach has been met with great acceptance from  our sales force, distributors and customers,” said Richard A. Meeusen,  chairman, president and chief executive officer of Badger Meter.  “Initial BEACON AMA performance in the field is excellent, with test  customers experiencing ease of installation and rapid deployment  schedules through our cellular endpoint technology, easier access to  information using the powerful web-based software analytics platform,  and greater insight into end-water user consumption.”

The BEACON AMA Starter Kit allows utilities to test their managed  solution with 10 ORION® Cellular endpoints and access to the  complete BEACON AMA system, including its hosted software suite.  Utilizing cloud-based software and the power of ORION Cellular  endpoints, utilities can experience the benefits of BEACON AMA without  the need to install servers or gateways.

“Our starter kits are proving to be an effective way for utilities to  test BEACON AMA prior to deploying a complete system. Because of BEACON  AMA’s cellular endpoint technology, we are able to implement fast and  easy trials, giving utilities access to powerful decision-making  information, without the costs and infrastructure requirements  associated with traditional fixed network systems,” said Meeusen.

Meeusen also added that consumer engagement tools, including the  EyeOnWater consumer portal and smartphone/tablet app, which provide  end-water customers with the opportunity to view and manage their water  usage activity, are another positive benefit for conservation-minded  utilities.

Badger Meter will exhibit BEACON AMA, along with its complete line of  flow measurement and control products and technologies, at ACE14. The  company will exhibit at Booth 1911.

The company also announced it received a BizTimes I.Q. Award for  Innovation from Milwaukee  BizTimes Media LLC for BEACON AMA. The I.Q. Awards salute  southeastern Wisconsin businesses for their innovative products,  services or processes.


BEACON AMA combines the BEACON AMA hosted software suite with proven  ORION Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology using a  combination of fixed and cellular endpoints to give utilities greater  control, more information and enhanced customer service. Configured by  Badger Meter for each utility, the managed solution approach includes  built-in infrastructure management services and endpoint upgrades,  eliminating maintenance and technology concerns and allowing utilities  to focus their people and resources on core competencies. To learn more  about BEACON AMA and the BEACON AMA Starter Kit, visit:

About Badger Meter

An innovator in flow measurement and control products, Badger Meter  serves water utilities, municipalities and commercial and industrial  customers worldwide. Measuring water, oil, chemicals, and other fluids,  Badger Meter products are known for accuracy, long-lasting durability  and for providing valuable and timely measurement data. For more  information, visit

Certain statements contained in this News Release, as well as other  information provided from time to time by Badger Meter, Inc. (the  “Company”) or its employees, may contain forward looking statements that  involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to  differ materially from those in the forward looking statements. The  words “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “expect,” “think,” “should,”  “could” and “objective” or similar expressions are intended to identify  forward looking statements. All such forward looking statements are  based on the Company’s then current views and assumptions and involve  risks and uncertainties. Some risks and uncertainties that could cause  actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in  forward looking statements include those described in Item 1A of the  Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31,  2012 that include, among other things:

  • the continued shift in the Company’s business from lower cost,  manually read meters toward more expensive, value-added automatic  meter reading (AMR) systems, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)  systems and advanced metering analytics (AMA) systems that offer more  comprehensive solutions to customers’ metering needs;
  • the success or failure of newer Company products;
  • changes in competitive pricing and bids in both the domestic and  foreign marketplaces, and particularly in continued intense price  competition on government bid contracts for lower cost, manually read  meters;
  • the actions (or lack thereof) of the Company’s competitors;
  • changes in the Company’s relationships with its alliance partners,  primarily its alliance partners that provide radio solutions, and  particularly those that sell products that do or may compete with the  Company’s products;
  • changes in the general health of the United States and foreign  economies, including to some extent such things as the length and  severity of global economic downturns, the ability of municipal water  utility customers to authorize and finance purchases of the Company’s  products, the Company’s ability to obtain financing, housing starts in  the United States, and overall industrial activity; unusual weather  and other natural phenomena, including related economic and other  ancillary effects of any such events;
  • the timing and impact of government programs to stimulate national  and global economies;
  • changes in the cost and/or availability of needed raw materials and  parts, such as volatility in the cost of brass castings as a result of  fluctuations in commodity prices, particularly for copper and scrap  metal at the supplier level, foreign-sourced electronic components as  a result of currency exchange fluctuations and/or lead times, and  plastic resin as a result of changes in petroleum and natural gas  prices;
  • the Company’s expanded role as a prime contractor for providing  complete connectivity systems to governmental entities, which brings  with it added risks, including but not limited to, the Company’s  responsibility for subcontractor performance, additional costs and  expenses if the Company and its subcontractors fail to meet the  timetable agreed to with the governmental entity, and the Company’s  expanded warranty and performance obligations;
  • the Company’s ability to successfully integrate acquired businesses  or products;
  • changes in foreign economic conditions, particularly currency  fluctuations in the United States dollar, the Euro and the Mexican  peso;
  • the loss of certain single-source suppliers; and
  • changes in laws and regulations, particularly laws dealing with the  use of lead (which can be used in the manufacture of certain meters  incorporating brass housings) and the United States Federal  Communications Commission rules affecting the use and/or licensing of  radio frequencies necessary for radio products.

All of these factors are beyond the Company’s control to varying  degrees. Shareholders, potential investors and other readers are  urged to consider these factors carefully in evaluating the forward  looking statements contained in this News Release and are cautioned not  to place undue reliance on such forward looking statements. The  forward looking statements made in this document are made only as of the  date of this document and the Company assumes no obligation, and  disclaims any obligation, to update any such forward looking statements  to reflect subsequent events or circumstances.

Source: BEACON AMA and Badger Meter (via BusinessWire)

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