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Bedbug Infestation Shocks Incheon Sauna – YouTuber’s Alarming Discovery

Reports of bedbugs appearing in a sauna in Incheon have surfaced. (A screenshot of a video by Youtuber 'Daheuk')

Reports of bedbugs appearing in a sauna in Incheon have surfaced. (A screenshot of a video by Youtuber ‘Daheuk’)

SEOUL, Oct. 16 (Korea Bizwire) – Amid the ongoing efforts to combat bedbug infestations in Europe, including France and the United Kingdom, reports of bedbugs appearing in a sauna in Incheon have surfaced.

In a recent video posted on YouTube by daheuk, a YouTuber renowned for his content on rare animals and boasting 920,000 subscribers, he documented his visit to a sauna in Incheon, following reports of bedbugs infesting the facility. 

Upon inspection, bedbugs were discovered throughout the sauna, primarily nestled in the crevices between the mats and the floor. Some of these pests were still in their juvenile stage, while others had grown to the size of a grain of rice. Expressing his disgust at the situation, daheuk took it upon himself to capture eight bedbugs. 

Inquiring with the sauna’s owner about their knowledge of the infestation, they responded, “We are actively disinfecting the premises, but we have not yet eradicated all of them. A major disinfection is planned for tomorrow. We cannot abruptly close our business since we have regular patrons.” 

Daheuk emphasized the importance of addressing the issue, stating, “In Korea, people often underestimate the severity of bedbug infestations due to their rarity. However, bedbugs are among the most vexing pests that can drive people to the brink. To combat them, I recommend either purchasing borax from a pharmacy and sprinkling it on the floor or enlisting the services of a professional exterminator.”

Indeed, the bugs found in the sauna were confirmed to be bedbugs. An official from Incheon’s Seo-gu Office verified the infestation, stating, “We conducted an inspection and ascertained the presence of bedbugs. We are currently in discussions with the health center regarding the appropriate response.”

It’s worth noting that bedbugs have been virtually eradicated in Korea since the 1990s. However, isolated cases of bedbugs, presumably introduced from overseas, do occasionally surface.

The bites inflicted by these blood-sucking insects are characterized by red, swollen welts or small punctures that resemble an awl piercing the skin. In contrast to mosquitoes, bedbugs do not scatter their bites but instead target multiple areas in one region. After being bitten, the irritation tends to intensify and may lead to scratching, potentially resulting in skin damage and scarring.

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