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Being a Housewife in Korea

SEOUL, Korea, Oct 31 (Korea Bizwire) – Bacchus, the non-carbonated energy drink brand famous for showing commercials featuring ordinary people and their lives, has recently launched a new series “Being [Someone] in Korea.” The first of the series is about “Being an Ajumma in Korea.” Ajumma is a mildly derogatory term for married women.

Early in the morning, a woman is sleeping oblivious of the presence of her husband getting ready to go to work. The husband says sarcastically to her in the bed, “You still sleeping, Ajumma?” The Ajumma, however, wakes up like clockwork without prompting by the time her children must get up to go to school.

After going through a big commotion washing, feeding, and clothing the children, she sends them off to school. After that, she goes grocery shopping and cleans the whole house. After completing her last chore of running the washing machine, the Ajumma falls asleep in the couch in the exactly same posture as she got up in the morning.

The husband comes back home from work and sees his wife sleeping and asks, “You sleeping again?” The wife smiles slightly embarrassed. Although not so fashionable and feminine now, Ajummas were once young ladies full of charm and beauty. They have become what they are now because of sacrifices they made for their children and husbands. The latest commercial is dedicated to all these Ajummas of Korea who are constantly tired from thankless house work.

The scene at the end in which the husband gives massage to his wife with a bottle of Bacchus in his hand saying, “I know how you feel” makes your heart feel warm. Let’s try the commercial that helps your fatigue go away by just watching it.

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