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BTS Management to Crack Down on Malicious Citizens

(image: Big Hit Entertainment)

(image: Big Hit Entertainment)

SEOUL, Jun. 18 (Korea Bizwire)BigHit Entertainment, the managing company of the boyband sensation BTS, has announced that it is taking strong legal action against Internet users who have posted malicious comments about the band, which recently topped the Billboard Charts.

BigHit posted the announcement on the BTS fan page website last Friday.

Some netizens have been making personal attacks on members of BTS, often untrue and malicious in nature, on blogs and social media websites.

BigHit explained that it had already cracked down on such social media comments in 2016 with the help of fans.

An official at BigHit said that legal action was being carried out via its in-house legal team as well as a law firm specializing in such matters.

“We will do our best do protect the rights of our artists,” said the official.

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