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Cenegenics Elite Health Expands Globally and Attracts Physicians from Around the World

(image credit: Kobiz Media)

(image credit: Kobiz Media)


LAS VEGAS, NV, Mar. 7 (Korea Bizwire) – With 20 national Centers and two international Centers, the world’s largest Age Management medical practice is expanding to include more global markets. Cenegenics Elite Heath, which specializes in precision medicine including Genetics, nutrition, exercise and bio-identical hormone optimization, is actively seeking physicians to open more Centers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, Africa, and Latin America.

Cenegenics International is offering licensing agreements to physicians who are interested in opening Centers overseas. The company is providing a turn-key solution with full support in the clinical and business model. “There’s a clear worldwide trend towards preventive medicine, says Mario Garcia, the Director of Cenegenics International, “and now is the perfect time for our company, which has always been the leader in Age Management Medicine, to present a proven successful business model for physicians interested in broadening their medical practice with clinically proven evidence-based protocols.”

The success of the Cenegenics program, which has helped over 40,000 patients globally, is rooted in science-based medicine which prevents chronic aging and its symptoms. The life-changing program is built on precision medical care that incorporates low-glycemic and anti-inflammatory nutrition, exercise, nutraceutical supplementation and hormone optimization. No single element stands alone, the Cenegenics program is a symphony. Its effect keeps the body in perfect harmony and supports optimum health goals, and a life filled with vitality, physical fitness, mental acuity, energy, and a heightened sense of well-being. Additionally, the evaluation processes help identify disease risks and create a proactive plan that works to move the patient into the lowest possible risk categories for disease.

Attracting experienced physicians is key to the company’s success. In fact, Cenegenics’ doctors are among the best in the world, subscribing to the philosophy of disease prevention rather than the treatment of illnesses after they occur. “After 20 years of leading Age Management and Precision Medicine, Cenegenics is excited to expand internationally and have the opportunity to partner with leading physicians around the world,” says Cenegenics International Medical Director, Dr. Claudia Villate. “Through our international network of physicians, we will now be able to help more patients than ever achieve their highest level of health despite getting older.”

Cenegenics is not only the world leader in Age-Management Medicine; it continues to uncover the latest medical advances to prevent aging through the Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation (CERF). Championed by an elite team of physician educators and researchers, CERF’s mission is to conduct research and provide evidence-based education in age management and preventive medicine.

To interested physicians, the Cenegenics training and certification is conducted in English therefore, it’s important to be able to speak and read it somewhat fluently. For more information go to: https://cenegenics.com/cenegenics-international/ or email Mario Garcia at mgarcia@cenegenics.com


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Source: Cenegenics Elite Health via Marketwired

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