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Chinese Communities Share Tips on Exploiting S. Korea’s Health Insurance

(image: Korea Bizwire)

(image: Korea Bizwire)

SEOUL, June 23 (Korea Bizwire)Amid a recent statement at the National Assembly by a ruling party leader vowing to prevent Chinese individuals from exploiting South Korea’s national health insurance, communities in China have been found to be sharing tips on how to take advantage of the system.

A YouTube video created by a Chinese woman, titled “Exploiting South Korea’s National Health Insurance,” has gained significant attention.

The woman in the video states that foreigners residing in South Korea on a long-term basis are required to subscribe to the national insurance. She emphasizes the importance of maximizing the use of healthcare services.

According to the woman, the national insurance offers a free health examination every two years, along with free scaling or wisdom tooth removal, and other hospital treatment benefits.

She adds that a separate request for medical treatment is necessary at larger general hospitals when enrolling for treatment.

A post on Weibo claims that by effectively utilizing South Korea’s national health insurance, individuals can receive benefits up to 200 percent of their monthly premium.

Another post on a Chinese social platform includes a notification from South Korea’s national health insurance service, urging people to make use of the national insurance as subscription fees are increasing once again.

Statistical data reveals the extent to which Chinese nationals utilize South Korea’s national health insurance.

Rep. Nam In-soon of the main opposition Democratic Party said that the National Health Insurance Service garnered a surplus of 512.5 billion won (US$392 million) in 2021 from insurance premiums paid by foreigners.

However, when considering Chinese nationals exclusively, the agency incurred a loss of 10.9 billion won.

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