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Choco Pie, Building Love Around The World


The biting cold, I am not in fear of; 

the high-rise cliffs, not in fear of; 

and the scorching sun, not in fear of either. 

The only thing I am in fear of, however, 

is being not allowed to reach the one waiting for me. 

If any single person might be happier by my reach, 

no roads can be too rough or perilous at all; 

for I am Choco Pie. 

SEOUL, Sep 11, 2013 (Korea Bizwire) – Korean confectionery company ‘Orion’ is famous for a little round chocolate coated pie, ‘Choco Pie.’ 

It was a smash-hit Korean-made snack for both the local and abroad market, so Choco Pie can be found everywhere around the globe from the sizzling hot deserts of Saudi Arabia all the way to the freezing cold Siberian regions.  

Greatly encouraged and inspired by their success of the “world star” product, Orion launched a 2-minute TV commercial titled ‘Pie Road,’ with the narration on the journey of Choco Pie traveling around the world just like ones being traveled along with the ancient Silk Road merchants. 

As is the case with Silk Road responsible for cultural spread and blending linking the West with the East, Choco Pie — via this “Pie Road” — would wish “jeong” – the uniquely Korean feeling of kinship to both each other and objects — could be spread to every nook and corner of the world. 

This is a kind of a travelogue of Choco Pie, which has made it to enthrall the world. Please follow our journeys accompanied by Choco Pie, listening to sweet whispers from the marshmallow-filled wonder snack with chocolate covering.

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