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Citi Celebrates Annual Global Community Day as 70,000 Volunteers Mobilize to Serve Nearly 480 Cities Around the World


More Than 540,000 Volunteers have Joined Global Community Day Activities Since Launch in 2006 (image: Wikipedia Commons/ Citi Bank)

More Than 540,000 Volunteers have Joined Global Community Day Activities Since Launch in 2006 (image: Wikipedia Commons/ Citi Bank)

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NEW YORK, June 8, 2014 (Korea Bizwire)–On Saturday, June 7, Citi marked its ninth annual Global  Community Day, as more than 70,000 Citi volunteers in 479 cities  spanning 93 countries engaged in service activities to benefit their  local communities. Working side-by-side, Citi colleagues, alumni, family  and friends demonstrated the company’s commitment to supporting and  improving communities by leading and participating in more than 1,200  service projects focused on local needs, including urban revitalization,  literacy and education, housing, environmental conservation, health and  human services, and disaster relief, in the days leading up to and  including Global Community Day.

While Citi volunteers have a strong tradition of engaging in community  service year-round, Global Community Day is an annual opportunity for  Citi colleagues and other participants to join together and use their  time, skills and expertise to make a difference in their cities. Since  its launch in 2006, more than 540,000 Citi volunteers have participated  in Global Community Day activities, creating lasting impacts on cities  around the world and reinforcing the idea that active corporate  engagement is an essential component of a livable city.

“Volunteer service is one of the many ways Citi shows its commitment to  the communities where we have a presence,” said Citi CEO Michael Corbat.  “Global Community Day highlights the great work of our community and  non-profit partners, and we are excited to join them once again to  strengthen our neighborhoods.”

Supporters can learn more about Citi’s proud tradition of volunteerism  and join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by  following #CitiVolunteers.

Throughout North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, the  Middle East, and Africa, Citi volunteers led hundreds of community  projects. Notable activities across Citi’s regions included:

Asia Pacific

In Hong Kong, 3,200 volunteers participated in 22 service events,  such as the Citi Global Community Day Cup, a charity football tournament  to support children ages 6-15. In India, more than 1,200  volunteers in seven cities were involved in a variety of activities to  revitalize learning spaces, clean up beaches and parks, and build  sustainable facilities. Activities in the Philippines included  assisting communities recently impacted by Typhoon Yolanda and building  homes for victims in Tacloban. In Singapore, more than 5,000  volunteers joined community partners for a range of activities,  including a charity carnival with a dollar-for-dollar fundraising match  by the local government. In Vietnam, more than 600 volunteers  planted trees to help protect coastlines, and spread awareness about  environmental protection. Marking Citi’s 50th anniversary in  the country, 3,800 volunteers in Taiwan gave back to the  community, including spending time with 500 orphans and underprivileged  children at a local theme park. In Japan, more than 1,200 Citi  colleagues and their families participated in 16 activities across the  country, including park and beach clean ups, re-cultivating an abandoned  field to provide food for the local community, and bowling with children  from a foster home.

Europe, Middle East and Africa

In the United Kingdom, nearly 1,300 volunteers took part in 90  different service projects across Belfast, Edinburgh and London, such as  restoring community playgrounds, working with children’s charities, and  providing academic and career mentoring and support to young people. In Israel,  more than 165 Citi volunteers worked to renovate a foster home and build  the confidence and self-esteem of underprivileged youth by teaching them  to garden and paint. More than 800 Citi volunteers in 11 countries  including Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco,  Pakistan, Qatar, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates engaged  in the “MENA for the Children” campaign, a regional dedication across  the Middle East and North Africa to collect basic necessities and  distribute the items to low-income children. In Nigeria, 725 Citi  volunteers worked with junior and senior secondary school students to  support their academic performance, inspire their career aspirations,  and develop their natural talents. In Spain, more than 400 Citi  volunteers promoted progress by collaborating with food banks, animal  shelters, and children’s hospitals. In Cameroon, 80 volunteers  served a local district hospital in Douala with blood donations,  refurbishing the pediatric ward and distributing medication to patients.

Latin America and Mexico

In Argentina, more than 1,400 volunteers participated at various  events, such as helping families reduce their consumption of water and  energy from non-renewable sources. In Ecuador, more than 180  volunteers received training to become tourism ambassadors for the City  of Quito, and committed to guide visitors through the city’s historic  sites. In Colombia, more than 1,800 Citi volunteers in Bogotá  worked on the reforestation and reclamation of wetlands, and volunteers  and their families also planted 1,800 native trees. In Brazil,  volunteers helped to improve public infrastructure with 1,300 volunteers  participating in 11 events to revitalize and repaint public school  classrooms and hallways. In Guatemala, more than 700 volunteers  engaged in the rehabilitation and construction of seven public schools  in Guatemala City. In the Dominican Republic, more than 250  volunteers helped revitalize Mirador Sur Park, including planting trees  and give park benches a makeover. In Mexico, more than 3,500  volunteers dedicated the day to teach financial knowledge and education  to children at 91 events across 63 cities.

North America

In New York City, Citi CEO Michael Corbat joined more than 4,000  volunteers who participated in more than 50 activities, such as park and  school revitalization, efforts to support military veterans, coaching  and mentoring young people, and environmental conservation. In California,  more than 1,200 Citi volunteers took part in events across the state,  including building a 4,000 square foot community garden at a Los Angeles  school, park beautification projects, and revitalizing homes for  low-income families. In Missouri, more than 800 volunteers  participated in projects like summer reading kickoff events, building  and stocking mini-libraries for children, feeding the hungry, and  constructing a military veteran’s home with Habitat for Humanity. In  Florida, more than 1,700 Citi volunteers volunteered at various  beautification projects, including at schools, community centers and a  local zoo. In Texas, more than 1,300 volunteers honored  veterans, assisted youth at various camps, delivered pet supplies to  Meals on Wheels clients, conducted financial education training, and  built a new home for a family. In Canada, more than 600  Citi volunteers participated in more than a dozen events in cities  across the country, including planting trees, cleaning up local parks  and working at food banks.

About Citi

Citi, the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer  accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions.  Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with  a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer  banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities  brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management.

Source: Citi (via BusinessWire)

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