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Civic Groups Step Up to Help Korean Expatriates Fleeing Ukraine


SEOUL, May 17 (Korea Bizwire)With Russia continuing to pursue new ground in its invasion of Ukraine, South Koreans are stepping up to help “Koryoin” expatriates from Ukraine who have fled to the country.

Koryoin is a Korean term referring to Koreans who immigrated to Russia and post-Soviet Union countries some 100 years ago and their descendents.

Neomeo, a civic group established to help Korean expatriates from Eurasia, vowed to disburse 1 billion won (US$785,230) as part of an emergency relief fund for Korean expatriates.

Buddhist civic group Share the World donated 20 million won to Neomeo and invited 50 Korean expatriates to a temple stay program at Kuin Temple.

Ansan Myeongseong Church and kitchen appliances manufacturer PN Poongnyun each donated 10 million won along with 1.7 million won in kitchenware.


Join Together Society, an international development organization, sent blankets and essential goods to 200 Korean expatriate households.

The Community Chest of Korea decided to send 300 million won in funds.

“Many Korean expatriates had to flee in a hurry, and are struggling with housing, livelihood and access to medical treatment,” Neomeo said.

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