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Consumers Prefer Imported Beer over Domestic Brews

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SEOUL, Nov. 13 (Korea Bizwire)Consumer perception towards imported beer outranks domestic products in terms of price, quality, and variety.

The Korea Consumer Agency conducted a survey of 1,000 consumers who said imported beer costs 93.7 percent of domestic products.

Compared to domestic beer (a score of 100), the quality, scent and taste of imported beer scored 110.16 points, and 116.75 points in terms of variety.

Imported beer scored 7.73 out of 10 points in terms of consumer satisfaction, and 88.5 percent of respondents were willing to repurchase an imported beer.


Consumers were most satisfied with Belgian beer (7.6 points), followed by American (7.3 points), and Chinese beers (7.13 points).

Roughly half of the respondents bought imported beer because of its taste or scent (52 percent), followed by price (22 percent) and various discount promotions (16.9 percent).

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