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Convenience Stores Launch On-foot Delivery Service


SEOUL, Oct. 6 (Korea Bizwire)Convenience store chain CU and local delivery service provider MG Playing have launched a new short-distance, on-foot delivery service.

MG Playing assigns deliveries to on-foot delivery personnel nearest to the destination (within a 1 kilometer radius) once an order is placed through the Yogiyo delivery app.

When there are no on-foot delivery personnel available, the order will be assigned to a motorbike delivery driver.

With this new delivery system, deliveries can be grouped efficiently and sent to the customer more quickly than by motorbike, CU claimed.

CU plans to begin the service at some 1,000 stores across Seoul by the end of this month, and is aiming for a nationwide launch next month.

GS25 also launched Neighborhood Delivery, a short-distance, on-foot delivery service similar to CU’s. The only difference is that anyone can sign up to carry out delivery tasks, rather than assigning them to professional delivery companies.


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