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Cosmetics Boosting Lasting Power of Makeup Gain Popularity as Weather Grows Warmer

OHUI's Ultimate Brightening Primer (image: LG Household & Health Care)

OHUI’s Ultimate Brightening Primer (image: LG Household & Health Care)

SEOUL, June 2 (Korea Bizwire)With South Koreans donning protective masks for an extensive period due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, sales of cosmetic products that effectively raise the tenacity of makeup are increasing as the weather grows hotter each day.

Olive Young, a beauty and health brand run by retail conglomerate CJ Group, reported that between May 1 and 28, sales of powders, primers and other cosmetic products that strengthen the tenacity of makeup were 40 percent higher than the same period last year.

Primer is a cream or lotion that creates an extra layer between one’s skin and makeup to improve coverage and lengthen the amount of time the cosmetic remains on the face.

Foundations such as South Korean cosmetics firm Clio’s Kill Cover Founwear Cushion touting extra tenacity made it to the list of most popular cosmetic products.

Protective masks can wipe off one’s foundation or other makeup, more so due to hotter weather which causes more perspiration and excretion of oil, contaminating the masks even faster.

OHUI, a cosmetics brand of LG Household & Health Care Ltd., a major South Korean cosmetics company, introduced the ‘Ultimate Brightening Primer’ that comes in four different variations.

Sales of other cosmetic products are also on the increase. Olive Young’s nail cosmetic products, including nail stickers and manicures, jumped by 42 percent from the previous month.

“Nail cosmetics are gaining popularity as more people are seeking change with summer approaching,” an employee said.

The increasing cosmetic sales may also have been driven by the emergency disaster relief funds that have been distributed to all South Koreans since May 11.

The Bank of Korea reported a 6.8-point increase in the composite consumer sentiment index (77.6 points) from last month, which seems to reflect high expectations towards the relief funds and other subsidies.

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