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Cow Gives Birth to Twins After Dramatic Rooftop Rescue

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GURYE, Aug. 12 (Korea Bizwire)A cow that survived a flood by climbing onto a roof successfully gave birth after she was rescued.

The cow, which was rescued from Yangjeong village in Gurye County, South Jeolla Province, gave birth to twin calves on Tuesday morning, immediately following the rescue.

Despite being exhausted from the ordeal, the cow did not cease to look after her newborn calves.


When she found the calves lying by the side of the barn with freshly dried hay, she slowly approached them, showing motherly love by sniffing and licking them.

“It breaks my heart to think how much she must have gone through on that roof,” said Baek Nam-rye, the cow’s owner.

“I’m already grateful that she survived, and she gave birth to the twins. She’s a toughie.”

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