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Dolphins Returned to Sea Spotted Happy and Healthy


SEJONG, March 22 (Korea Bizwire)Two bottlenose dolphins that were returned to sea in June 2015 are adjusting well to their natural habitat.

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries announced that Taesan (male) and Boksun (female), the two bottlenose dolphins that were released near Hamduk, Jeju, were recently spotted. They were happily swimming in pod of dolphins.


The two dolphins were illegally captured and sold to a dolphin show back in 2009. They were freed from the facility in 2013 when the Supreme Court ordered the forfeit of all the business’s assets. Following their rescue, the dolphins were taken care of at Seoul Grand Park due to their poor health. After recuperating, they were returned to sea last summer.


The two dolphins were spotted together a week after their release, but in September, only Taesan was spotted. The dolphins are easily identified by scars on their fins.

The Whale Research Center also found Jedol, another bottlenose dolphin returned to sea in 2013, in the pod that Taesan and Boksun were swimming with.


Pods of bottlenose dolphins usually divide into two groups, one with females and calves and another consisting of male dolphins. They migrate in large groups when following food and then scatter, with this behavior typically repeated.


Researchers at the center commented that they were pleased to see Taesan and Boksun fully adjusted to the sea.

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