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Fan Club Donates Hospital Cages After BLACKPINK’s Rose Adopts Abandoned Dog


GANGNEUNG, Feb. 5 (Korea Bizwire)A fan club of Rose, a member of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK, donated hospital cages for pets to an animal protection facility where her recently adopted a dog.

Last December, she adopted Hank, a 6-month-old dog kept at an abandoned animal protection facility run by the east coast city of Gangneung, 170 kilometers east of Seoul.

In celebration of Rose’s birthday on February 11, and to appreciate her decision to adopt an abandoned dog, the fan club plans to donate six hospital cages for pets to the facility.

Hospital cages are equipped with air conditioning, ventilation, and a lighting system to ensure the quick recovery of animals receiving treatment.

The hospital cages donated by the fan club will be installed at the facility next week.

“The respect for life and affection for animals demonstrated by Rose and her fans is encouraging many to adopt abandoned animals, contributing to the spread of a mature and responsible culture of pet rearing,”a Gangneung city official said.


Image Credit: Instagram / Gangneung City Office /

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