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New Car Delivery Delays Worsen Despite Recovering Chip Supply

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SEOUL, Oct. 7 (Korea Bizwire)Despite an improving supply of semiconductors, delivery delays for new automobiles are now worse than they were last year.

Getcha, an online car sales platform, said deliveries of Hyundai Motor Co.’s Avante Grandeur sedans had been delayed by 10 months and seven months, respectively.

In October of last year, the same vehicles were delivered within three or four months.

Hyundai’s independent Genesis brand, which avoided lengthy delivery delays last year, is now advising customers that it could take up to 30 months to receive delivery of the brand’s GV80 SUV.


Kia Corp.’s K3 and K5 sedans also take four months and seven or eight months to ship, which is between three and five months longer than last year.

The K5, K8 and Sorento Hybrid SUV have seen their deliveries delayed by an additional 8.5 months, two months and seven months respectively in the last 12 months.

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