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Food Companies Release Eco-friendly Food Made with Byproducts


SEOUL, April 17 (Korea Bizwire)The South Korean food industry is following the eco-friendly trend by introducing a variety of products made from recycled food byproducts.

CJ Cheiljedang Corp. has introduced a snack made with cracked rice and pureed soybean.

Since its release in April last year, it was only available at pop-up stores and offline events before being rolled out at convenience stores in February of this year.

Nongshim Kellogg Co., a joint venture between South Korean food giant Nongshim Co. and multinational food manufacturing company Kellogg Co., released a granola cereal made with wheat bran last month.

Wheat bran was previously discarded as a byproduct; now, it is increasingly being used as an ingredient in other products due to the fact that it contains a significant amount of dietary fiber and vitamins.


Oriental Brewery (OB) Co. joined hands with local startup RE:harvest to develop the Hanmac Renergy Cracker made with brewer’s spent grain (BSG).

The cracker was made with Renergy Powder derived from powdered BSG and wheat.

Image Credit: CJ Cheiljedang Corp. / Nongshim Kellogg Co. /

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