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Food Packaging Evolving to Match Customers’ Needs


SEOUL, July 24 (Korea Bizwire)Wine in a pouch and cup soup are no longer extraordinary food products in Korea, as food manufacturers are employing various other forms of packaging to fit changing trends and customers’ needs. According industry watchers, companies are aggressively introducing food products in new packaging, such as pouch wine, pouch soup base and even cup soup, to keep up with the increase in the number of one or two-person households and outdoor activities.

Lotte Beverage recently rolled out its “Majuang Red Pouch,” Korea’s first wine product packaged in pouch, providing a more portable option for wine lovers. Ottogi also made use of pouch packaging for products like red pepper paste mixes and soup bases for outdoor activities. Sampyo also introduced a cup soup lineup that can be prepared simply by adding hot water.

롯데주류, 치어팩 와인 '마주앙 레드 파우치' 출시


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