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Lotte First to Introduce Wine in Pouch Packaging

롯데주류, 치어팩 와인 '마주앙 레드 파우치' 출시

SEOUL, June 3 (Korea Bizwire)Lotte Beverage rolled out its “Majuang Red Pouch,” Korea’s first wine product packaged in pouch, providing a more portable option for wine aficionados. The product is packaged in a cheer pack, a flexible spouted pouch with screw-on cap. It contains 250ml of Majuang red wine with 13 percent alcohol.

The brewing company developed the product for enhanced portability, as more and more consumers are also interested in outdoor activities. Of particular note, it reduced the amount of wine to 250ml, reflecting the trend of increasing single or two person households, for which it is hard to consume one bottle of 750ml of wine at a time.

majuang pouch

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