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Food Trucks Tap Into New Markets for Survival

Food trucks at the Namdaemun Market in central Seoul. (image: Yonhap)

Food trucks at the Namdaemun Market in central Seoul. (image: Yonhap)

BUSAN, Nov. 2 (Korea Bizwire)With the majority of cultural festivals cancelled due to the coronavirus, food truck businesses are introducing contactless services or offering catering services for schools and workplaces in a desperate bid for survival.

Many businesses and agencies have recently been inviting food trucks to hold special snack events.

Daegwang High School in the southern port city of Busan held morning food truck events for students three times last month.

Food trucks, which are mobile and capable of offering warm food anywhere at any time, have recently become popular among not only businesses and groups, but also individuals.

In response, food truck businesses introduced a drive-thru system to engage with more customers amid the coronavirus spread.

Last month, the 2020 Drive Food Festa, held at Busan’s International Cruise Terminal, introduced a new contactless payment system to avoid the spread of the pandemic, allowing visitors to look around the festival without having to leave their cars.

Customers were able to order food from inside their car using smartphones, and pick up the food by simply driving up to the food truck.

“There are an increasing number of individual customers as well, since food trucks only involve food cost and an additional transportation fee,” said Park Sang-hwa, head of Food Travel.

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