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Four Grandpas on Crayon Pop’s LG U+ Commercial

SEOUL, Korea, Sept 24 (Korea Bizwire) –The four hottest men in Korea these days are none other than those in their 70s who appear on a popular TV drama “Grandpa Is Better Than Flowers.” The four actors, Lee Soon-jae, Shin Gu, Park Geun-hyong, Baik Il-seop, have been on TV for more than four decades but their popularity is higher than ever before. The episodes show the adventures and mishaps of the foursome going on a trip. The first season, begun early July, will close with episodes on Taiwanese and European travels, followed soon by Season 2.

If you have missed so many of these episodes, why don’t you watch commercials featuring the quartet? The gray-haired actors are as funny in the LG U+ commercials as in the drama. In the latest commercial series, the four try to learn how to use U+ TV G voice service that activates on spoken-language commands. The old buffoons then attempt imitating the dance moves of Crayon Pop, the five-member girl K-Pop group, on the song of “Bar Bar Bar.” Can you imagine the 70-somethings dancing perfectly to the tune of Bar Bar Bar in colorful gym suits?

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