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Billboard Praises Akdong Musician’s New Music Video “Give Love”

SEOUL, May 9 (Korea Bizwire)Billboard reviewed favorably the new music video of Akdong Musician “Give Love,” saying “another peppy, breezy track.”

On May 5, Billboard introduced Akdong Musician’s third single “Give Love” and its music video. About the music video, Billboard said, “After a somber mini-film for second single ‘Melted,’ Akdong Musician released a whimsical video for their third single ‘Give Love.’”

It explained, “The first, ‘200%,’ selected by YG; the second, ‘Melted,’ was picked by the act; and the third would be chosen by the public, based on chart performance of the other tracks.”

It also pointed out that “Akdong Musician’s new video continues the lovelorn storyline of ‘200%,’ but with a new development. The duo’s sister Lee Soo-hyun is still infatuated with her older friend, but learns that the girl who he spends all his time with is actually his sister, not his girlfriend.”

By mentioning the scene that the brother Lee Chan-hyuk following Soo-hyun, it aroused the expectation for another music video. “Will the young love continue in a part three?” the report ended.

Meanwhile, Akdong Musician outcharted major online music sites since they made their debut on April 7. Although already a month has passed after their debut, they ranked high in the sites for a long time. Especially, their second single “200%” ranked top in a weekly chart from April 28 to May 3 in Olleh Music, Genie and Monkey 3.

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