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Music Video Acted by Idols; Wheesung’s “Night and Day”

SEOUL, May 13 (Korea Bizwire)It is unusual that members of K-pop groups are acting in Wheesung’s new music video. Girls Day’s Yura and Tin Top’s CAP appear as the main actor and actress in the music video, “Night and Day,” the title track of Wheesung new album “The Best Man.”

The music video features a man who had to let his lover go because of lack of courage regains the lover by going back to the past through time slip. Yura and CAP were highly praised by their performance in their fresh love story and the touching farewell scene.

Meanwhile, Wheesung’s “Night and Day” is an R&B song carrying rock sound with electric guitar and his black soul vocal, and his gentle and deep voice stands out in the track. How about enjoying Wheesung’s return with idol actors?

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