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From Rice Wine to Dog Meat, the Curious Case of North Korea’s Cooking Competitions


SEOUL, Feb. 10 (Korea Bizwire) — The North Korean government is planning to host several cooking competitions, according to the Korean Central News agency (KCNA), North Korea’s state news agency. According to the KCNA’s report on February 9, the alleged aim of these curious competitions is to help improve North Koreans’ diets.

A national competition will be held from February 16, the date of Kim Jung-Il’s birthday while another competition for festival treats is due to be held from April 15, the date of Kim Il-Sung’s birthday. More competitions focused on one food item are to follow. From May to June, mugwort rice cake, makgeolli (rice wine) and mountain herb food competitions are to be hosted. From July to August, a kimchi competition and a dog meat competition are to be held.

A multitude of events are scheduled to be held from October 10, the 70th anniversary of North Korea’s Workers’ Party of Korea, including a national show of traditional foods, and competitions for local specialties, seafood and porridge.

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