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Game Companies Go All-Out to Secure New IP

A scene from "Reborn Rich" is seen in this image provided by Korean cable channel JTBC.

A scene from “Reborn Rich” is seen in this image provided by Korean cable channel JTBC.

SEOUL, Dec. 20 (Korea Bizwire) – South Korean game companies are expanding their scope of business towards content like TV dramas, webtoons and web novels, encouraged by the success of local cable channel JTBC’s corporate drama “Reborn Rich” that was invested in and produced by a Com2uS Corp. affiliate.

RaemongRaein Co., which participated in the production of the drama as a co-producer, is an indirect subsidiary of Com2uS.

Wysiwyg Studios Co., the parent company of RaemongRaein and a subsidiary of Com2uS, was responsible for investment in the production of the drama.

Even for some previously aired dramas such as the Netflix drama “Remarriage & Desires” and ENA drama “Recruit,” Com2uS’s other content subsidiary Image 9 Communications participated in the production.

After acquiring a $500 million stake in Hollywood film production company AGBO and becoming the largest shareholder in the first half of this year, gaming giant Nexon Co. announced last month that it will take part in the production of a new movie by a local director.

NCSOFT Corp. is also strengthening cooperation with content companies through its webtoon and web novel platform Bufftoon. It recently held a public contest in the areas of dramas, webtoons and short web novels in collaboration with local broadcaster MBC.

Similar to NCSoft, NHN Corp. also released the webtoon service Comico through its Japanese subsidiary. It also launched an English-edition platform service called Pocket Comics targeting the North American and European markets in 2020.

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