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Gov’t Launches QR Code-based Payment System at EV Charging Stations

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SEOUL, March 14 (Korea Bizwire)The Ministry of Environment has joined hands with T Map Mobility and Kakao Mobility to introduce a QR-code payment system at electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on Monday.

Previously, EV charging stations only accepted credit cards or other membership cards for payment.

With the new payment system, users scan QR codes attached to 5,840 public quick charging stations across the country using a smartphone, which directs them to an online platform (T Map or KakaoNavi) to make payments automatically.

The government plans to invite other IT platforms to join the QR-code payment system.


Since August of last year, the government has been offering EV charging station navigation services through T Map and KakaoNavi, offering real-time information on the availability of charging stations nearby.

Since December, it has also been offering information on the nearest route to the closest EV charging station on T Map.

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