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Green Delivery Supporters Give Boost to S. Korea’s Green New Deal


SEOUL, July 13 (Korea Bizwire)South Korea’s delivery services are evolving in line with the government’s ambitious ‘Green New Deal’ program, commitment to realizing zero emissions by 2050 with investment of a total of 12.9 trillion won (US$10.8 billion).

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced yesterday that its “Green Delivery Supporters” initiative was launched on July 10 with the aim of giving a boost to much wider use of eco-friendly two-wheeled vehicles for the delivery service industry.


Major players in the delivery service space, along with the green motorcycle industry, will join Green Delivery Supporters including Woowa Brothers Corp., Mesh Korea, Barogo, Rosiol, Coupang, Daelim Motor Co., Waco Motors, Bikebank and Moving.

Lithium-ion battery makers such as Samsung SDI Co. and LG Chem Ltd. and the pertinent governmental agencies including the Korea Transportation Safety Authority and the Korea Transport Institute will also partake in the industry-wide sustainability enhancement movement.


Image courtesy of Yonhap / Woowa Brothers/

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