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Grounded Girl Posts Tweet Through LG Smart Fridge

LG Electronics Inc.’s Smart Fridge. (image: LG Electronics)

LG Electronics Inc.’s Smart Fridge. (image: LG Electronics)

SEOUL, Aug. 19 (Korea Bizwire)LG Electronics Inc.’s Smart Fridge has gained worldwide attention after a desperate young American girl used the refrigerator to post a tweet.

Dorothy, a big fan of Arianna Grande, used to post pictures of her everyday life on social networks using her smartphone until her concerned mother took away her phone.

Dorothy then used a Nintendo 3DS to post her tweets, which eventually led her mother to take away all of her electronic devices.

What saved Dorothy was the LG refrigerator in her house. “I do not know if this is going to tweet. I am talking to my fridge,” she tweeted.

One of Twitter’s features is that it shows the device used to post each tweet. In Dorothy’s case, it said ‘LG Smart Refrigerator.’

The story spread worldwide, and netizens rooted for Dorothy as they paid respect to the LG Smart Fridge.

For LG, Dorothy’s ‘feat’ has become a worldwide promotion for its smart fridge. LG Electronics North America even joined the hashtag #FreeDorothy movement to support Dorothy.

Dorothy posted a tweet on Wednesday thanking netizens for their support, again via the LG Smart Fridge.

The refrigerator that Dorothy used to post her tweets is claimed to be a model that came after 2016 that comes with not only Windows, but also a Web OS.

“The Smart Fridge is capable of listening to the radio, music or even watching a movie. It is also capable of doing most online activities, including web surfing and YouTube,” said LG.

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