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Hotel-made Kimchi Gains Popularity Despite High Prices


SEOUL, Nov. 7 (Korea Bizwire)Kimchi made by luxury hotels is gaining popularity despite prices that are twice as high as similar products.

Josun Hotels & Resorts, which sells 22 kinds of kimchi, saw its traditional side dish sales jump by 59 percent last year compared to a year earlier.

Accumulated kimchi sales this year as of October were 25 percent higher than last year.

“Kimchi is selling very well considering it doesn’t require the release of new products,” the company said.


Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts launched its own brand of kimchi in February 2018, selling 198,000 sets of kimchi on home shopping channels by September.

The hotel also offers a monthly subscription service which delivers two kilograms of kimchi twice a month.

The number of subscribers recently exceeded the 600 hurdle, up by 50 percent from last year.

Image Credit: Josun Hotels & Resorts / Walkerhill Hotels & Resorts /

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