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Hyundai Oilbank Opens Self-service Car Wash

This photo provided by Hyundai Oilbank Co. shows the refiner's self-service car wash.

This photo provided by Hyundai Oilbank Co. shows the refiner’s self-service car wash.

SEOUL, April 28 (Korea Bizwire)South Korean refiner Hyundai Oilbank Co. said Wednesday it had opened a self-service car wash at a company-owned gas station in Seongbuk district in Seoul in collaboration with car wash reservation platform YPER.

The new service uses the automatic washer installed at the gas station. It can be used through an advance reservation and payment system at night after the gas station’s official automatic washer operating hours have ended.

Within the indoor car wash, a variety of equipment for self-service car washing, including a high pressure washer, foam gun, air gun, lighting and cooling and heating equipment are installed, making it convenient for users to wash their cars.

The company opened the self-service car wash as the popularity of detailing – keeping a car in the best cosmetic condition possible – spreads among the young generation.

The demand for self-service car washes is high since they can be used regardless of the season and weather while offering users a relatively private environment in which to wash their cars.

Hyundai Oilbank is expanding its platform business ventures, including rental warehouses, a secondhand transaction platform and a shared parking service using idle space at gas stations.

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