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Hyundai Releases Video on S. Korea’s Economic Miracle

SEOUL, March 23 (Korea Bizwire)Hyundai Motor Group announced Sunday that its new brand campaign video, titled ‘Next Awaits’, had reached 1 million views just four days after it was posted on the company’s official YouTube account.

The video, one minute and 55 seconds long, recounts the history trodden by the company from the present to the past.

The video first introduces Nexo, Hyundai’s hydrogen car, then goes back in time showing previous Tuscan, Tiburon, and Stellar models ending with the Pony being revealed at the 1974 Torino Motor Show.

Hyundai’s Pony was the first South Korean-made automobile. After its first export to Ecuador, the car helped South Korea to become a major car exporter.

The company explained that the Pony gave hope to the then impoverished nation that ‘we can do it.’

The video continues to show the development of the shipbuilding industry in South Korea to meet the soaring demand from car exports.

The rise of the steel industry alongside rising demand for cars, ships, and bridges is also shown on the video, explaining Hyundai’s contribution to economic development in South Korea.

The video was designed and created by Hyundai Motor Europe Headquarters last September, and was first revealed in Europe. The video, after gaining considerable popularity in the region, was released globally at the end of last year.

The video was produced by movie director Dante Ariola, based on an English biography of the late Chung Ju-yung, founder of Hyundai Group.

“We have gone beyond the traditional marketing strategy of focusing on the newest models to tell the world about the origin and history of Hyundai Motor, and introducing them to the brand’s core value that is ‘progress for humanity’,” said a Hyundai Group official.

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