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Hyundai Runs Driving Rehabilitation Program for Persons with Disabilities

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SEOUL, July 12 (Korea Bizwire)Hyundai Motor Co. said Monday it is currently running a driving rehabilitation program for persons with disabilities as part of its creating shared value (CSV) project for sustainable management.

The carmaker developed a virtual driving simulator jointly with the Citizens’ Coalition for Safety and Inno Simulation for the program.

The driving simulator is equipped with hand controls and an accelerator pedal-assist device to help persons with disabilities to drive a car.


The simulator also comes with the actual driver’s seat used on a midsize car and a four-wheel motor-based motion device to closely imitate the real driving experience.

The simulator provides a total of 20 experiential scenarios taking place in parking lots, urban areas and three other locations as well as a safety tech experience program that allows users to try out the anti-lock braking system for a wide variety of driving experiences.

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