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Hyundai Unveils Restored Pony Coupe Concept at Hyundai Reunion

N Vision 74_000

COMO, May 19 (Korea Bizwire) — Hyundai Motor Company held the Hyundai Reunion event on May 18 (local time) in Lake Como, Italy, where they unveiled the restored Pony Coupe concept. The event showcased Hyundai’s heritage and future direction, with the presence of Chairman Chung Eui-sun and key employees.

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The Pony Coupe Concept, originally introduced in 1974, was meticulously restored in collaboration with Italian designers Giorgetto Giugiaro and Fabrizio Giugiaro. The event highlighted Hyundai’s commitment to innovation and emphasized the importance of preserving their past while looking toward the future.

N Vision 74_0003


The Pony Coupe Concept, with its unique design features, symbolizes Hyundai’s ambition and serves as an inspiration for their high-performance hydrogen electric vehicles.

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The event marked the expansion of Hyundai Reunion as a brand platform to communicate the company’s heritage and vision amidst industry changes like electrification and autonomous driving.

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