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Incheon Airport Trials Self-hydrogen Charging Station

'¼¿ÇÁ ¼ö¼ÒÃæÀü ÀÌ·¸°Ô'

SEOUL, Aug. 31 (Korea Bizwire)Self-charging of hydrogen-powered vehicles will become possible at Incheon International Airport starting from Tuesday.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced that it had launched a hydrogen vehicle self-serve demonstration for the general public at the hydrogen charging station located in the airport’s Terminal 2 run by hydrogen supplier Hynet.

Self-charging will be possible at a 300 to 400 won discounted rate per kilogram.

ÀÎõ°øÇ׿¡ »ý±ä ¼¿ÇÁ ¼ö¼ÒÃæÀü¼Ò

Under current laws, hydrogen vehicles must be charged by a charging station employee. This demonstration is a safety test to judge if the current regulations can be changed.

Once self-charging is allowed, the operating hours of charging stations can be extended.

Furthermore, it would lead to a reduction in the price of hydrogen, thereby improving charging convenience for drivers and reducing operating expenses.

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