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Inside North Korean Elementary Schools: Entrance Ceremony


SEOUL, Mar. 5 (Korea Bizwire)For schools, the upcoming spring means a new semester, welcoming new students full of curiosity and fluttering hearts.

The same is the case in North Korea.

School entrance ceremonies in North Korea take place in April, following graduation ceremonies which are typically held in late March.

North Korean education institutes usually house elementary, middle, and high schools on a single campus, so students study at the same place until they graduate from high school.

The enrollment ceremony for elementary school students is celebrated the most in North Korea. Newcomers clutch bouquets of flower to their chests as parents and local communist party officials welcome them.


At the ceremony, students are allocated to classrooms with a homeroom teacher.

Homeroom teachers in North Korea are very important to new students and their parents, because the teachers, once designated, will stay with the students until they graduate from elementary school.

New students receive free school uniforms from the state.

In North Korea, all elementary, middle, high school, and even university students wear the same school uniform. Unlike in South Korea, North Korean students do not wear name tags.


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