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Interior Ministry to Improve Mobile Registration and Booking for Foreigners

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SEOUL, May 26 (Korea Bizwire)The Ministry of the Interior and Safety said Thursday it will enhance the mobile membership registration and booking procedures for public facilities and services frequently utilized by foreigners.

Most foreigners who visit South Korea for short periods, whether for business, travel, or language studies, do not possess domestic credit cards or mobile phone numbers.

Consequently, they encounter difficulties when attempting to make bookings or reservations for certain public facilities and services.

To address these issues, the ministry plans to permit the utilization of foreign-issued credit cards for booking SRT high-speed railway service tickets, starting in June.

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Additionally, it will collaborate with the Seoul Art Center, the National Recreation Forest Management Office, and the Korea Forest Welfare Institute to enhance the process of online membership registration, booking, and reservations for public services frequently accessed by foreigners.

In pursuit of this objective, the ministry will diversify the authentication methods to enable foreigners to verify their identities using domestic mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

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