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Island Waterfalls Create Majestic Scenery


SINAN, Aug. 13 (Korea Bizwire)It is hard to believe that there are 100 waterfalls on an island where water is scarce. But it is true. The falls are only invisible because of a lack of water. Once the rains arrive, 100 big and little waterfalls start flooding with water.

Gageodo is an island in the far southwest corner of the territorial waters of Korea. Rainwater soaks Doksilsan Mountain, creating creeks and streams that flow out of the cliffs to create waterfalls.

Local residents are proud of their natural assets. “The waterfalls can only be seen when it rains. Even the residents can’t see them very often, since the whole landscape can only be seen from a boat looking at the island. The falls are the longest in Korea. They are so beautiful like a painting.”


Image Credit: Yonhap /

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