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Jeju Island’s “Green Hydrogen” Project Taking Shape

Doosan Heavy's offshore wind farm on Jeju (Yonhap)

Doosan Heavy’s offshore wind farm on Jeju (Yonhap)

SEOUL, Nov. 26 (Korea Bizwire)Another name for Jeju Island is “Samda-do”, meaning “Island of Three Abundances”, since it has lots of rocks, wind, and women.

It is no wonder that recently Jeju Island has laid out the ambitious goal of establishing itself as eco-friendly energy mecca in Asia for this reason.

According to an announcement last month, the government of Jeju Island plans to “make electricity out of Jeju’s clean and abundant wind and produce clean hydrogen using the electricity.”

The so-called green hydrogen (P2G: Power to Gas) project deserves the “green energy” moniker as it does not generate any carbon dioxide emissions.

The island’s “Jeju New Frontier Strategy”, proclaimed on Oct. 26 by governor Won Hee-ryong, made notable mentioned of the green hydrogen project, which aims to shift energy resources from fossil fuels to hydrogen, the fuel of the future.

Jeju’s goal of becoming a hub of hydrogen energy is taking shape as a growing number of entities are partaking in the project.

South Korean power plant builder Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co. will be in charge of integrated design and supervision of the proposed hydrogen plants.

The company will engage in the development of the energy management system (EMS) as well.

Other establishments including Korea Midland Power Corp. and the Korea Gas Corp. will also play a role in Jeju’s green energy project.

Depending on the generating method, various kinds of hydrogen energy can be produced, and in fact most hydrogen is still produced from fossil fuels, specifically natural gas.

But hydrogen produced using renewable sources such as wind or solar will not produce pollutant emissions.

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