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Jeju to Strengthen Distributed Energy Infrastructure

Doosan Heavy's offshore wind farm on Jeju (Yonhap)

Doosan Heavy’s offshore wind farm on Jeju (Yonhap)

JEJU, April 13 (Korea Bizwire)The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province jointly announced on Tuesday a basic plan to invigorate distributed energy, as well as to speed up the establishment of related infrastructure and the cultivation of new industries in the southern resort island of Jeju.

Distributed energy refers to clean energy that is produced by mid-sized solar, wind and fuel cell power in the neighborhood of the area where the electricity is used.

Under the basic plan, the province plans to establish large-scale energy storage system (ESS), as well as to invigorate sector coupling technologies such as green hydrogen (power-to-gas) and thermal energy usage (power-to-heat).

Sector coupling refers to storing and using renewable energy electricity by converting it to other types of energy, aimed at ensuring efficient distribution and use of renewable energy that has intermittent and infirm nature.

Moreover, the province plans to explore the virtual power plant (VPP) and Plus-demand response (DR) diffusion models to cultivate distributed energy-based new electric power industries.

VPP is a system that uses information and communication technology to connect variously distributed energy sources and operate them in the manner of a single power plant.

Plus DR is a method of addressing overproduction by flowing over-produced electricity in specific hours and increasing the consumption of the electricity.

The province also plans to actively establish a microgrid that allows small regions to achieve electricity self-sufficiency.

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