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Jeju Tourism Industry Gets Boost from Sports Team Training

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JEJU, Jan. 5 (Korea Bizwire)The tourism industry in South Korea’s southern island of Jeju, maligned by the COVID-19 pandemic, is being bolstered by sports teams visiting the island for off-season training.

Jeju is more suitable for winter training thanks to its warm weather and advanced facilities.

In January, some 2,400 members of 76 professional, business, and student sports teams arrived in Jeju for off-season training.

Currently, 539 members of 30 professional, business and student football and baseball teams have begun their field training on the island.

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In Seogwipo, where the weather is warmer, some 1,880 members of 46 teams from 10 sports sectors are undergoing field training.

MLB free agent Kim Kwang-hyun began personal training in Seogwipo.

Toronto Blue Jays’ starter Ryu Hyun-jin reportedly plans to train in the island’s southwestern city as well.

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