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KB Kookmin Bank Introduces Digital Offering Basket for ‘Untact’ Church Services


SEOUL, Sept. 3 (Korea Bizwire)KB Kookmin Bank, South Korea’s largest retail lender, introduced a new service for so-called ‘untact’ (contactless) donations on Wednesday.

The ‘Digital Donations’ service enables individuals and groups to manage donations without in-person contact.

The service will first be introduced to churches as a way for parishioners to make their offerings via untact means. Churchgoers won’t have to go to church in person to make an offering.

The service also allows users to choose colors and Bible passages inscribed on online envelopes, and write down prayer requests.

The service helps churches to easily manage various offerings and prayer requests.

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Users can download the ‘Digital Offering Basket’ app or go to the official website to access the service. Churches can register for the service at a local KB Kookmin Bank office.

“The new digital donations service has been developed to provide untact support for religious activities in the coronavirus era,” KB Kookmin Bank said.

“We plan to expand the service to cover other religions, traditional markets, and other fields that require digital support.”

Image Credit: KB Kookmin Bank / Sae Eden Presbyterian Church / photonews@koreabizwire.com

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