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Kia’s EV9 Clinches Top Honors as Europe’s Safest Car with Five-Star Euro NCAP Rating

SEOUL, Dec. 9 (Korea Bizwire) – Kia’s expansive electric Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), the EV9, has recently been recognized as the safest car in Europe. The announcement came on Thursday, with Kia revealing that the EV9, introduced in March of this year, has secured a five-star rating from the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP).

This marks the second consecutive occasion that a dedicated electric vehicle from Kia has achieved the highest Euro NCAP rating, following the EV6′s success last year. The accomplishment underscores the exceptional safety standards of E-GMP, the dedicated Electric Vehicle (EV) platform developed by the Hyundai Motor Group.

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Euro NCAP, a car evaluation initiative initiated in 1997, rigorously assesses the safety features of vehicles launched in Europe, publishing the results annually. The EV9 earned its top-tier rating by excelling in four critical categories: adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, safety assistance systems, and safety for vulnerable road users.

Specifically, Euro NCAP commended the EV9 for its enhanced safety in frontal and side impact tests, showcasing increased body space designed to safeguard both passengers and the high-voltage battery.

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The program highlighted the EV9′s body design, affirming its efficacy in absorbing impact and ensuring passenger protection during car-to-car and side-impact tests.

Of noteworthy mention are the first-row center side airbags in the EV9, which received acclaim for preventing secondary collisions between the driver and passenger. Euro NCAP also acknowledged the vehicle’s advanced safety features, such as the automatic notification system for airbag deployment.

This file photo offered by Kia Corp. shows the flagship EV9 electric SUV.

This file photo offered by Kia Corp. shows the flagship EV9 electric SUV.

This system promptly relays crucial information, such as the number of occupants and the collision direction, to emergency response centers. Additionally, the EV9 boasts a multi-collision automatic braking system that applies brakes automatically in the aftermath of a collision, further enhancing overall safety.

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