[Kobiz Stats] Pets in South Korea | Be Korea-savvy

[Kobiz Stats] Pets in South Korea

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As the number of single households rises, more people tend to adopt pets. Of the cats, dogs, and other pet animals, a dominant share of them was imported from overseas. According to the Korean Customs Service, 85.5 percent of imported dogs came from China, followed by the United States (7.5%) and Europe (2.6%). As for cats, 85.2 percent originated from Russia, while Uzbekistan and the United States accounted for shares of 11.1 percent and 1.7 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, 78.3 percent of birds came from Taiwan and 75.0 percent of ferrets from the U.S. Almost all lizards (97%) were shipped from the U.S. (see the full text of this news)

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