Kolon Sport "Hestia": Winter Knows How Warm You Are | Be Korea-savvy

Kolon Sport “Hestia”: Winter Knows How Warm You Are

You know what?

You have the attention-grabbing appearance and

The heart that warms up everything in its wake

Winter knows how attractive and warm you are.

SEOUL, Korea, Oct 20 (Korea Bizwire) – Kolon Sport unveiled on YouTube the second installment of a commercial series featuring Tang Wei and Jang Dong-gun, the best-known female and male actors representing China and Korea respectively, for its new line of “Hestia” winter jacket line. Earlier, the company had released a commercial beginning with Jang as the lead actor and Tang as voice-over.

This time around, they switched the role and Jang asked, “You know what?” Tang answered with her trademark feminine stare and facial expression, gaining popularity rivaling that of the first one. The elegance of Tang was well highlighted by the flare down jacket she wears. Let’s watch the coy smile of Tang Wei with the voice-over of Jang Dong-gun who said to her “You are attractive and warm.”

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