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LG Innotek to Stage “Don’t Be a Workaholic” Campaign

 “Inobusim” to help employees spend "quality time" with their families and their work. (image: LG Innotek)

“Inobusim” is intended to help employees spend “quality time” with their families and their work. (image: LG Innotek)

SEOUL, Sep. 13 (Korea Bizwire) – A “Don’t be a workaholic” campaign will be incorporated into LG Innotek‘s renewed corporate culture. To this end, the Seoul-based company is to guarantee employees’ paid days off or vacations so that all employees can enjoy “balanced lifestyle” which will help in turn lift morale and pride of LG Innotek‘s constituents.

LG Innotek announced on September 11 that it is carrying forward the organizational campaign called “Inobusim” to help employees spend “quality time” with their families and their work. That means every single moment they spend — in and out of the workplace — should be rewarding and joyful to the extent that they even feel like going to the workplace after a refreshing break. “Inobusim” is an abbreviation of “LG Innotek guseongwon-euroseoeui jabusim.” Translated verbatim, it means the “pride that the LG Innotek members should keep in their mind.”

That’s why LG Innotek places much attention on tearing down “Hate to work on Monday Syndrome” — one of the most common symptoms any businessperson has to suffer due to ‘broken lifestyle balance.” In this regard the company is to stage “chul-gi-hoye” meaning ‘the company that makes employees eager to go and work.’

The global components manufacturer reckons that when the employees feel so blissful at work that they could look forward to going to work, they could exert utmost energy into their work and, as a result, the company could keep on thriving. Since the year of 2012 on, the manufacturer has consistently improved the culture involving work hours, hours after work, weekends and vacations.

In an effort to help the campaign take roots, each team checks when team members leave work every day and how often they work on weekends. LG Innotek also plans to push forward the vacation scheme called “refreshing vacations.” Under the scheme, employees go on vacation for over two weeks every five years and take nine days off along with a weekend.  

By Eugene Yu (eugene@koreabizwire.com

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