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LG’s DIOS Kimchi Refrigerator: The Real Sound of Fermenting Kimchi

SEOUL, Korea, Nov 15 (Korea Bizwire) – LG Electronics launched a commercial of its DIOS Kimchi Refrigerator featuring the popping sound of lactic acid bacteria multiplying. In order to show a hypothesis that the bacteria indeed make popping sound like fizzy drink when kimchi ferments well, the company held a public experiment in which hundreds of housewives and cooks donned headphones in an auditorium. Unlike any other refrigerator commercials focusing on technological performance and design, this commercial took an unusual tack of showing the real sound of freshly fermented kimchi.

The new DIOS “Kimchi Tok-tok” (in imitation of the fermentation sound) refrigerator is based on the proprietary technology of optimizing the temperature for growing the Leuconostoc bacteria. According to the company, the new refrigerator model is capable of producing nine times more such bacteria than existing models. The bacteria strengthen the carbonic acid-like taste in kimchi, which makes it feel fresher.

In the beginning of the scene, hundreds of women are gathered to hear first-hand the popping sound. At the stage, a refrigerator stood with microphones embedded in the fermenting kimchi inside it. The audiences are quiet to hear the sound and suddenly all of them blurt out the sound of “awwww” upon hearing the real pop-pop sound. This is the sound of live lactic acid bacteria! Why not hear the sound that kimchi makes yourself?

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